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Wonderful Lake in Telaga Warna

Indonesia will always have the great place to visit. It is not for for the beaches and mountains, but lakes also become the different attraction in this country. If you have the free time in the end of the year, of course you have to spend your days to visit the beautiful places in Indonesia. Telaga Warna will be the best recommendation for you to visit. This is a lake in the mountain area. Of course, the situation around the lake is so cold. Besides lakes, you should know about this place some attractions.

What can you find in Telaga Warna?
Of course, you have a big question in your mind dealing with the great attraction in Telaga Warna. Okay we will give you sets of information about this place. Telaga Warna has the green color for its surface. It is so different if you compare Telaga Warna with the other lakes in Indonesia. Around the lake, plants are found. It gives the natural look inside the tourism location. By paying the ticket in the cheap price, you can enjoy all attraction in Telaga Warna. You may take pictures there. Therefore, before going to Telaga Warna, it is better for you to prepare your cameras. There will be thousand pictures that you will take in this location.

What are the traditional foods in telaga Warna tourism place?
Carica is the traditional foods, which you can find in Telaga Warna tourism place. For a bottle of carica, you should spend $1. Is that cheap? Yes, of course it is cheap. Carica is made of papaya, which is combined with sugar.  Therefore, the taste is so sweet.  Visiting Telaga Warna will be nothing of you does not try this kid of delicious foods. If you want to stay in that place for days, there are so many hotels that you can find in this location. Of course, the price is in the various kinds of rates. You just have to deal with your budget for finding the hotel.

Now, you should book a ticket for going to Indonesia; Telaga Warna will be the best place to your holiday destination. Of course, you will enjoy spending days in that place. Telaga Warna is like paradise. You will enjoy the panorama and the traditional foods in that place. You should invite your friends to go with you also for having the vacation time in Telaga Warna. It will be your best experience in Indonesia.

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